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Cold stuffed tomatoes

stuffed tomatoesBlogging is fun and part of it is everything that happens in the blogosphere, eg contests, give aways, etc.  So this is a post for a competition that takes place for the best recipe called “Taste of Spain.  Nothing to do with Greece this time but with Mediterranean ingredients.  So here is my recipe as a contestant for my version of a fresh Spanish dish that can be served as a salad or appetizer. Continue reading

My cabbage salad

Cabbage saladCabbage in Ancient Greece was not eaten as a vegetable.  It was used as a remedy for various illnesses.  Since it is packed with vitamin C and other phytonutrients it fights free radicals, cholesterol, asthma, even cancer of the large intestine, breast cancer and prostate.

Modern Greeks eat cabbage very often, especially in winter, in the form of lahanodolmades(minced meat wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves with an egg and lemon sauce) and cabbage salads usually with an oil and lemon dressing.  This is my version of a cabbage salad, modern and more elaborate than the version above.  The appropriate cabbage for a salad must feel heavy for its size with bright leaves. Continue reading